Apple’s iPad Has New German Competition From Neofonie’s WePad, Europe Fights Back

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Neofonie’s_WePad.jpg Apple’s devices, when initially announced, often cause plenty of alike companies to develop cheaper alternatives. This may be a problem for Apple but it works out great for us. With the iPad on its way to the shelves, a few alternatives are already making the rounds. One of them is from a German company called Neofonie that’s made an appearance.
They’ve decided to name their little ‘iPad alternative’ the WePad. Guess their whole ‘We’concept is sharing whereas with Apple it’s all about being selfish with the whole ‘i’ prefix bit. The WePad is a tablet PC that will fill in the gaps that the iPad left open. These would include Flash support, USB port access and no iTunes or other such annoying data transfer tie. The device will also have a larger touchscreen display at 11.6-inches and a higher resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. It will also support external memory in addition to having 16GB or 32GB of internal space.

It’s going to be announced officially with more details on April 12th 2010 and although the price hasn’t been reveled it’s apparently going to be less than Apple’s offering.

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