The Foxy Evolution of David Beckhams Hairstyles

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David Beckham
Mr. Posh Spice aka David Beckham changes his hairstyle the way we hope he changes those soccer socks – and we LOVE to watch this super hunk to see what he’s gonna do next. 
david beckhams short hairstylesAnd with this symmetrical, sun-tanned gorgeous man, we’ve got plenty to look at. His hair has run the gamut from shorn to shaggy, bleached to mohawked.  We love a man who’s not afraid to try new things, and David Beckham is definitely fearless.  So brace yourself, here comes an overview of the best and the worst of Becks’s hot or not locks.
This gorgeous soccer player burst onto the scene with rebellious, rock star shoulder length hair, looking slightly unkempt and tied back for on the field, either in a headband (not so good) or with a rubber band (a bit better). When he met his poshest of them all, his hair was naturally brown, and worn a little greasy. 
Some highlights worked their way in, and he ended up looking like a sun-kissed British surfer boy, of all things – even finding his way to a tied back all-over blonde, which when paired with a stunning white suit, looks Miami Beach chic. 
Cop a bit of this style with a handful of summery highlights and some sleek gel to tame stray hairs. Becks has also gone punk rock with a short and fuss-free Mohawk, and edgier still with barely there buzzed hair in his natural chestnut color, or bleached out blonde.

Taking a cue from this ‘do will happen with the help of a clipper.  With a face like that, you can pull off just about anything it seems. 
He’s even worn a fashion mullet!  He’s got a very stylish counterpart to keep up with, after all.
When wearing his hair a slightly more conservative length, the way he styles his locks keeps him from even entering the neighborhood of boring. 
Whether slicked back like a handsome old movie star, or messy and textured like an Abercrombie and Fitch model, or spiked up and away to show off that fabulous face, he always manages not to stray too far from those rugged good looks he’s become famous for. 
To work a bit of these style high points, try the slicked back look with a high hold gel or mousse. 
For the more carefully studied casual look, use a bit of a waxy pomade to blown dry locks to add definition and texture to each strand. 
As partner to Victoria’s new “pob” ‘do, Becks latest coif is a bit of a wider-than Mohawk, with sides cut close to the head, and a bit of asymmetry of his own centered around the crown of his head.  To style, grab a dollop of pomade, and shake things up a bit.  Whatever happens next for the Beckhams, especially now that they’ll find themselves across the pond, we’ll be staying tuned, and happy to watch the evolution of this lovely pair. 
Enjoy, The Foxy Evolution of David Beckhams Hairstyles

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