Blogging Basics – Top Five Blogging Tips

Five Blogging Tips

The basics of blogging is all about content creation and content management really and the organization of that content so that it reads quite well, there are many other blogging tips, but perhaps these five basic blogging tips will be the best ever to use to help your blog become one of the top ones or be on it’s way there.
As you’ll know there are probloggers everywhere on the Internet and these professional bloggers flaunt their successful auras in their marketing material and that’s a good thing to be inspired by, something to look up to and emulate for a short while, as you can gain some great ideas for your own blog.
The ability to schedule your posts
This is a great feature that the top two blogging platforms Blogger and WordPress allow and it is an essential way of planning out your blog posts so they appear like they are being published on a regular basis, but in actual fact you could have just wrote all of your blog posts in a couple of hours so you could have time for other things.
Building up a content queue of to be published posts is about the smartest thing any blogger could do, although you still have to have the motivation to do this and not leave them half finished in draft as this is what some people do, they think, oh I’ll publish it tomorrow or next week and then they forget and don’t do what they said they’d do.
Alternatively you could write by hand in a notepad and later transfer those ideas into actual blog posts, I like to write notes by writing with pen and paper, as I am a traditional writer in that way and I like to write small snetences that I can later expand when it comes to typing up on computer.
Interlinking Relevant Blog Posts
Once you’ve built up a decent amount of blog posts on your blog, it is a good idea to start to interlink them, so that you can retain some sticky power from your visitors, who may land on a blog post and then right at the end can be directed to another series of blog posts on your blog, so that they stay on your blog longer, so that they may subscribe to your blog or sign up to your email list.
As every blog post is a potential landing page, you can quickly become attuned to writing posts that are able to link up relevantly to others in your archive and this has been known to help with the search engine rankings of your blog, especially when you use keyword anchor text in your links, an example could be – Blog Marketing Success, this is an anchored text link that uses highly relevant keywords for this hubpage, so research your own blogs niches keywords, so you can pick and choose which ones to use for this purpose.
Comments On Other Blogs
As blogging is a social medium of content showcases, you should get to know other bloggers in your niche who either blog on the exact same topic as you do or something related, so that you can strike up relationships with them for the greater good of each others blogs and commenting on other blogs is a great way to achieve this, although it’s not the only way you can use other blogs to generate traffic, it’s certainly a good starting point.
Some comment systems on blogs may have do-follow tags which the search engines will follow to index blog comments, but some have no-follow tag code which won’t allow the search engine spiders to follow and index blog comments, but this doesn’t really matter as you want to leverage the readers of other related blogs, so by commenting regular on these blogs, like any community, you would gain some attention and traffic back to your blog.
Comments are ok so long as you leave a comment that is genuine and has an opinion behind it or else what’s the point of a comment that says great post and link back to your blog, obvious reason could be just spam, so you delete, because I would, unless their only link is the blogger platform, such as a generic profile, then you know it could be a genuine response as they are not really promoting anything spammy.
Guest blogging
This is yet another way to leverage other blogs traffic by writing a blog post or several to different but relevant blogs and you are allowed to leave a link back to your blog at the end of your post, an example of a guest post could be a tutorial, an industry related article, a review of some sort or a lead in to a product such as an ebook that is highly relevant to the bloggers blog that granted you access to do a guest post.
An amount of planning is needed for this also, as you need to get used to writing some poilte emails and prepare for some amount of rejection as some of the higher traffic blogs are probably swamped with guest post submissions already, so you need to be clever with your approach and try to separate yourself from the “I wanna be a guest writer just to get my link on your blog” type as you really want to provide a great and good read for a blog post so as to provide some good content that will make you look good on others blogs.
Writing your own ebook
An ebook that you as a blogger wrote yourself is the greatest thing bloggers could do as you are extending your blog with a really detailed electronic book that explains more than one blog post could, or maybe you have wrote an ebook collecting together the content of your blog as a whole but with added bonus content.
You could offer this ebook for free so that people could sign up to your email list on your blog or you could make it an item to purchase through paypal or some other payment processing site like E-Junkie or even Clickbank and earning money could be a side income stream that helps towards your blogging goals.
Of course when considering blogging as a source of income or to get more traffic to your main site are the top two benefits of this popular online medium, so give your blog a head start and focus on it with a plan.

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