10 Blogger Hack Links To Have More Useful Blogger Template

From the first dates of blogger,it has been tried to improve both by blogger workers and blogger users,and there occured some cool widgets and hacks for bloggers using javascript,css html and flash.Personally,i do not prefer hacks,i like pure default blogger templates with light colors,because dark colors on screen tires your eyes and you cannot read anything long.Anyway thinking that most of bloggers like blogger hacks,tips and tricks i wanted to create a post and share a bunch of hack sites with you all.
Hackosphere : You will find a lot of blogger hack for your blog,this is among the ones i like.”Click read more” text to realize what i like.
Phydeaux3 : He is famous for his blogger tag cloud hack,his recent blogger calendar hack is also pretty cool.For more great blogger hacks check his homepage.
Hoctro : Unfortunately,i have just discovered this blog,i have been looking for articles which explains how to create a blogger blogspot template and i have found what i been looking for on hoctro.Anyway hoctro is another source of great blogger hacks.
Beautifulbeta : He’s been blogging for 2 years and he created useful widgets one of which is aorta.Aorta is really great widget if you have a lot of media stuff on web.For detailed information and other blogger hacks check his homepage.
Blogger-Hacked : As far as i understand from his posts he has lots of things to do and thats why he cant update his posts but anyway he still has good blogger hacks.just visit.
Stubborn-Fanatic : Another busy blogger,he has some useful articles.
BlogFresh : His last post date : Sunday, June 10, 2007 ,but you can find useful blogger hack articles.
BloggerUniversity : This is frequenly updated great blog,it has a sweet author called annie,you shoudl subscribe her feeds,really best hack blog ever.
PurpleMoggy : This is one of the best blog that gives blogger hacks tips.You will change your blog completely when you see the hacks on this blog.
Blogger Hacks WiKi : WiKipedia of blogger hacks.you will like this wiki too.
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