Tips To Increase Revenue Google Adsense

In this simple article I will write some simple tips to improve or maximize advertising revenue from Google Adsense. I realize a lot of (Thousands of bloggers) or the webmaster newbies like me are still learning how to increase earned income in the form of dollar from Google Adsense. And I’m pretty sure the newbies like me do not get a lot of dollars every day, And There’s lots of webmasters struggling hard to earn good money a day through the site also sometimes bloggers get $ 0.001 Adsense CPC or ad pageviews .But many people who have enjoyed earning hundreds of dollars every day from Google Adsense and I also try to be people like them. And I began to learn to find simple tips and triks that may help me and people who are reading this article to be something better and I can only give you 10 simple tips for you :

1. Make contents article is interesting or unique article because it will enhance a better ranking in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Msn because search engines can read the article homemade or COPY-PASTE because the article made interesting will increase traffic visitors to your site and more visitors you get, the more likely you are to get an expensive ad and try to get visitors to your site are repeat visitors or unique visitors and make a minimum 1 interesting articles within 1 day.

2. Use Adsense Ads or other ads on your article of Title and content article or in the middle of reading an article with size 336 x 280 or 250 x 250 because Adsense ad placement affect your results get.

3. Try to change the color of our links advertisements and do the adaptation with around you because if an ad has a good color or colors to adapt to your site it will increase people to click on these ads and these are tricks that many people do and this is not deceiving visitors but we can increase Pageviews ads per page.

4. Perform adjustments in accordance Background colors available and this tips same with tips no.3 and ad placement and if possible pairs of all types of ads in Google Adsense because it can increase your ad pageviews and higher you better Pageviews per-click results was obtained.

5. In Google Adsense ads there are many types and usually have a price and a different major so you have to smart to target ads that will be installed at your site by the time you earn Google Adsense ads targeting select in accordance with the theme of your site and Google Adsense ads usually have a large price or income when the click is the Ad Housing or Real Estate, Cars or Automotive and hotels.

6. If you have a domain name (. Com. Net. Org. Biz) is not used then you can use these domains to Adsense For Domains so your domain site contains various types of advertising that will be installed himself by Google but use the site before using Adsense for Domains for Alexa Rank and PageRank also affect the type and price of the ad will be shown and examples are : and in this site there are many Google Adsense ads with different types of advertising ad price is very expensive so no wonder people are getting through Adsense For Dollar Domain.

7. Do not ever hide the Google Adsense ads in your article because it will lead you in Banned or issued by Google Adsense because it violates the TOS (Term Of Use) and always put your Google Adsense ads on the article read early or in the middle of your article.

8. My advice: even though we can use any type of Adsense Ads but I encourage you to use just 2 ads in each of your site if your site visitor does not have traffic or PageRank and Alexa Rank should put a good 2 Just ad your ad to the price shown and if you put the 6 ads.

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