Mafia Wars Stamina Glitch

Another sweet glitch for today.. about Stamina..
We can get more Stamina from :

  1. Random bonus pack of Mafia Wars Toolbar
  2. From answering your friend requests of Gift Safe House feature..

From Mafia Wars Toolbar, there is a chance to get Special Energy or Stamina pack bonus.
If you got Stamina bonus, somehow you will still receive the Stamina bonus on the next day although you have logged out from the game. Let’s say you have spent all the Stamina plus the bonus you got, logging off from the game, get sleeping. In the morning when you login on the game, you’ll have your Stamina bonus again! Well actually sometimes it’s not full bonus.. but surely you get more Stamina than the normal amount you have.

Look at the picture below..

Stamina Glitch

Second, when you have a chance to answer the gift request from your mafias, you can choose the Stamina bonus.
The same thing happen as you receive the bonus from Mafia Wars Toolbar.
When you have spent your Stamina today and logged out from the game, you’ll have more Stamina then you can have.. so somehow, the bonus can ruin the timer for around 2-3 days or more if you’re lucky!

Stamina Glitch

Why choosing Stamina?
I like to choose Stamina bonus because I’m a fighter! I like to take a bounty of someone on the HitList… And I’m sure lots of you love to ice your opponent! I see lots of people bragging out their successful icing thingy!
But if you still don’t feel confidence, you can choose Stamina bonus and spend them on inactive players.. You still can get the bonus loots..

So have fun.. I hope this glitch last long!

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